Style of Nanjing
5 May 2011 (Thursday), 10:00 AM

A One-day training at Nanjing, China, organised by one of the beauty salons spanning over 2000sq ft.

This is my first training in Mandarin in China and it turned out better than I expected! Weather was around 15degrees so all I needed was a jacket suit!


I had prepared my capsule wardrobe (from my very own design label Audrey Quek) not knowing whom the participants were or even their size (except that they were all ladies)


I started with sharing on colour analysis (a system from the US) and you could see most of them were entirely new to the system. In fact, what surprised me was that most of them thought that the 4 seasons related to the seasonal weather rather than their own skin tone or hair colour. Most of them were wearing black (often the most convenient colour) and soon each was given a colour and style analysis on the spot!




Really liked the faded zipper jacket on the lady (though the sleeve was a tad too long) but the shirt inside was way too busy with the jacket. With her easy-going personality and a rather bronzy complexion, she could pull off a camel-tone PVC leather jacket (with slightly shorter sleeves which helped to lengthen her torso) with a toasted orange top and paired it with a chunky necklace.



Wearing all black often gives people illusion that it will take at least 5inches off them but think again….

Placing a neutral colour (such as black, white, grey) beneath a deep purple jacket may just be the way to looking sharper and more radiant! Furthermore, if you have the height, you can afford to use colour blocks instead of monochromatic.



The cool silver under the black tweed/leather jacket made her look fresher and younger anytime!



Let colour and style be your icon to a unique style to call your own!
After the session, the ladies, some of whom were boutique owners became interested in my clothing design and who knows you may find my brand of clothes in Nanjing really soon!